Australian Credit Guide


this credit quote discloses the relevant fees and charges that you may be required to pay as part of the services provided in obtaining the finances required.

these services may include:

credit advice; and
assistance in entering into, or increasing the limit of a credit contract.
where documented, all fees and charges are expressed as a maximum value. if the calculation of the fee payable is indicated as a percentage or mathematical equation, the method for the calculation will be clearly explained next to the formula. the fees stated are an actual amount unless otherwise indicated by text expresses the fee is a reasonable estimate.

A fee can be charged regardless of the success of the loan application.

fees payable by the borrower

Our organization charges an engagement fee for the provision of credit advice.

this shall include (but is not limited to) advice regarding:

a) whether or not to seek finance; and
b) what type of finance is appropriate and consistent with your objectives
if the broker has provided credit advice in relation to loan application and you decide not proceed with the application before approval has been obtained, you must pay a one off fee of $1500+GST. This fee is to cover the consultation process.

if approval has been obtained and you do not borrow that loan within 14 days of approval, you must pay us a one off fee of $2500+GST. this is to cover the consultation process and lodging of your loan application with the respective lender.

This fee is payable to the licensee there are no other fees and charges incurred by or payable by you to us, however you may be liable to pay fees to the financier.

No engagement fee is payable should the loan proceed to settlement.

Claw Back Policy

Point A- if the loan is to be paid out in full before 12 months there will be a 100% refund paid back to the broker on any commission received by the lender.

Point B- if the loan is to be paid out in full before 18 months there will be a 50% refund paid back to the broker on any commission paid by the lender.

Fees payable to other parties

Referral fee to be paid to the referrer if applicable


By signing this document, you agree to the terms set out in this quote and to pay the fees specified above at the time specified above. After you have signed this document in duplicate, we will give you a copy of the signed document to keep.

Privacy Disclosure Statement and Consent

I/We consent to you using personal, financial and credit information about me/us for the purpose of arranging or providing credit, insuring credit, and for direct marketing of products and services offered by you or any organisation you are affiliated with or represent.

The personal information provides by me/us will be held by you. I/Wecan obtain a copy of your privacy policy at www.wizcarloans.com.au. Your privacy policy contains information about how i may access or seek correction of my personal information, how you manage that information and your complained process. if I/We do not provide the requested personal information you may be unable to assist in arranging finance or providing other services.

you may disclose personal information about me/us to the following types of entities, some of which may be located overseas:

persons who provide credit or other products or services to us, or to whom an application has been made for those products or services.
financial consultants, accountants, lawyers and advisers.
any industry body, tribunal, court or otherwise in connection with any complaint.
any person where you are required by law to do so.
any of your associates, related entities or constructors (including printing/publication/mailing houses. IT service providers, cloud storage providers, lawyers/ accountants);
our referees, such as our employers, to verify information we have provided;
any person considering acquiring an interest in your business or assets;
any organisation providing online verification of ouridentities;
Credit information

I/We hereby authorise you to receive information from any lender about our credit affairs, and provide any relevant real estate agent, lawyer, conveyancer, agent or person authorised by me to access my information, with details of whether finance has been approved for us, and if it has, the terms of that approval, including providing a copy of any approval letter.

I/We appoint you as our agent to obtain out credit information from a credit reporting body on our behalf.

Receiving Information Electronically

I/We consent to receiving credit assistance documentation and loan application information electronically.

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