Simply throughout the Democratic Republic away from Congo perform under around three-in-10 (26%) show which look at

Generally speaking, Muslims inside the sub-Saharan Africa be much more likely than simply their competitors various other countries to declare that Islam and Christianity features much in common. More or less half dozen-in-ten hold this look at into the Guinea-bissau (62%), Senegal (61%), Tanzania (59%) and you will Cameroon (58%), if you’re about 1 / 2 of concur for the Liberia (53%), Ghana (51%), Mali (51%) and you can Nigeria (48%).

Most Muslims when you look at the Bosnia-Herzegovina (59%) at the very least 1 / 2 of into the Kazakhstan (52%) say Islam and you will Christianity keeps much in common; from inside the Russia, a good plurality (46%) agrees. Somewhere else from inside the Central China and Southern area and you may East European countries, just about three-in-10 trust the two faiths has much in keeping.

For the five of 7 regions interviewed in the middle East and you may North Africa, a big part otherwise plurality discover Islam and you may Christianity while the very different religions. If you find yourself Palestinian Muslims try broke up for the dilemma of how much cash the 2 religions display (42% say he’s a lot in accordance, 39% state he could be totally different), a majority of Muslims during the Jordan (60%), Lebanon (57%) and you may Egypt (56%) envision Islam and you can Christianity become totally different. Inside Iraq, 57% of Muslims are unsure, compared to twenty-seven% exactly who faith Islam and you can Christianity keeps much in keeping and you may 16% who say they are very different.

Really Muslims inside Southern Asia and Southeast China say Islam and Christianity will vary, as well as no less than eight-in-ten for the Indonesia (87%), Malaysia (83%) and you will Pakistan (81%). Inquired about Buddhism, 60% off Thai Muslims state it’s very distinctive from Islam.

Studies Connected with a feeling of Commonality

Muslims which state they know about things in the Christianity is actually a little more more than likely than those with faster education to believe the latest a couple of faiths features much in common. Particularly, into the Tunisia, 68% out-of Muslims who say they understand at the least things regarding the Christian opinions and you can techniques state Islam and Christianity share a lot into the well-known. However, certainly Tunisian Muslims who state he or she is less regularly Christianity, throughout the a quarter (27%) state the two religions share preferred crushed. Highest holes are noticed in Iraq (+39), Kyrgyzstan (+34), Bosnia-Herzegovina (+30), Russia (+30) and you will Chicken (+30).

Relationship With folks away from Almost every other Faiths

Relatively couple Muslims amount non-Muslims among their best friends. And in very regions interviewed, few are confident with the idea of its kid marrying away from faith.

Sub-Saharan Africa is just one region where the contact anywhere between Muslims and you can low-Muslims is normally more regular. Such as, nice proportions Muslims in the area claim that their loved ones were each other Muslims and Christians. Additionally, Muslims when you look at the sub-Saharan African have a tendency to participate in inter-believe kinds and you can group meetings during the a higher rate than simply Muslims into the other nations.

Best friends

In every nation in which the concern are expected, a large most Muslims state every otherwise most of their close friends display its believe. The newest questionnaire finds you to definitely despite nations having nice non-Muslim populations, a huge most of Muslims state most, if not completely, of the close friends display their trust. For example, for the Lebanon, where low-Muslims make up nearly 40% of one’s population, 94% off Muslims determine their system regarding best friends because solely otherwise mostly Muslim. thirty-six For the Russia, in which non-Muslims compensate ninety% of inhabitants, 78% off Muslims say most or all their best friends express their Islamic believe. 37

Marrying Outside the Believe

In twenty-two nations exterior sandwich-Saharan Africa, this new survey requested Muslims exactly how comfortable they might be on idea of its child marrying good Religious. Overall, apparently couples Muslims select the thought of inter-wedding appropriate.

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